1 pimcore installation 3 sites with 3 different scopes: recipes, products, magazine

Hi everybody,
I’m new to pimcore but it looks like a very good match for my project. My plan is to build multiple websites with one Pimcore installation and put a multisite headless frontend in front of the GQL data-hub:

  1. a recipe site (with some articles)
  2. a product comparison site (with some articles)
  3. a magazine site with articles only

I’ve taken a close look at the pimcore demo and it looks ideal for my purpose. For recipes and product comparison I’m looking at the PIM perspective of pimcore, focus on data objects, and for the magazine part with mostly articles at the “CMS perspective” with documents in Pimcore demo.

For you pros, does this (multisite, documents, data-objects, headless, data-hub) sound like a good idea (or rather not so much)?
Any feedback is appreciated!

With Pimcore, you can create multiple subsites [see - https://pimcore.com/docs/pimcore/current/Development_Documentation/MVC/Routing_and_URLs/Working_with_Sites.html] and manage it all from one Pimcore installation and one database where all the recipes and products are saved.
Each subsite can have their own domainname and lay-out, so for your project I think you’re good with Pimcore.