Add Custom Payment Provider to Ecommerce Framework

Good Day. I was noticing that there is no documentation on how to integrate a custom payment provider into the Pimcore’s Ecommerce Framework checkout process. None of the pre-integrated providers will work for my use-case, and though it has not been documented, I am assuming that is must be possible to roll my own.

How do I go about creating my own custom payment provider for the Ecommerce Framework.

Well, I guess I am on my own here.

You’re not one your own, I’m running in the same problems as you. The should really add this to their documentation. The only thing I can imagine for now is to check the existing payment integrations, and build your own with those as example.

Sucks. oh well. I am going to have to do this for work, so when I get an implementation up and running I will share what I did in this thread.

Good luck! I’m looking forward to your solution.