Add new field in Assets Listing



I want to add a new field “position” in the Assets Listing. This field should be numeric and have the sorting order functionality.

Please advice me, how can I achieve this.



I am not sure how you want to use this field but it may not be good idea to add this field in asset. Assets can used globally and same assets can be used in more than place with different context. Ideally the field should be added in object or document where assets would be used. For example if I create an image slider, the order of images would matter in the context of slider but not at some other location.


I am just using the DAM of PimCore for now. So that’s the reason I need to store the Position field, this will helpful for me in rendering the images based on their position.


right now that is not possible.
There is a item on our roadmap - see - but we didn’t had the time to implement it yet.

We definitely will go for the asset meta data here, so for now you can store your additional data in asset meta data.

And pull requests are as always welcome :wink: .