Admin Translations (add Column)

good morning,

does anyone knows how to add columns to admin translation.
I’ve added a new language in the system settings -> Localization & Internationalization but nothing happend.

thanks for help

Will anyone answer this… it really sucks having bundles and tools showing labels like formbuilder.something.form_template where it should just say “Template” I have added en_US and all the tools I use are displaying keys instead of labels

@Corepex The languages in system settings are only used under Tools --> Shared Translations. You can’t add any other languages to Admin Translations, this is done by the core team only, see the explanation on Github. You can help to translate the admin interface of pimcore (Essentials and Extended).

@justbane Here’s how to add keys to the admin translations:


$translator->trans('my.admin.ui.key', [], 'admin');


'my.admin.ui.key'|trans([], 'admin')



en_US doesn’t exist in admin translations. Maybe you’re confusing Shared and Admin Translations?

Sorry no - doing a translation is not the issue.

I am using the FormBuilder package. In the admin if I edit a page that is in the en_US tree and its language is set properly to en_US, the control popup for the the FormBuilder brick shows me keys instead of text. Like this…

“formbuilder.template_form” instead of the text “Template” as it does when I add the same brick to a page in the en tree.

So I can add a number of languages for the front end no problem and translate the front end no problem… but in the admin UI the text only gets translated for one of the approved languages?

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