Admin translations, new language

Is there any way to add a new language to Admin translations which is not “pre-defined”?

I need some translations for the Romanian language, but i find no way how to add a new language in the Admin translations…

All the translations for the Classification Store (for the keys) are in the Admin Translations and not in the Shared translations - so up to now it is not possible to translate the keys for Romania…

Thanks for your help!

@incoxx To add new languages to the pimcore backend you can suggest a new language or help to translate one. See the essential and extended translations.

Thank you very much! My problem is, that all the translation of the classification store (the keys!) appear in the Admin Translations. This means if i need the Romanian translations of a classification store key, there is no proper way to translate the key (because the language is not available).

Sample: Classification Store

Admin Translations for the keys

Is it possible to add an “empty” new admin language inside PIMCORE?