Admin URL - PHP Errors

We’ve been over the code and can’t seem to figure out why were are getting these two errors. We installed Pim 6.6.4, PHP is 7.4, and the code looks correct. We installed through Softaculous. Maybe it’s something easy that we’ve missed, but it’s been 4 days now and our brains are fried. Any help would awesome and well received.

Warning : Unsupported declare ‘strict_types’ in /home/smartmailer/public_html/vendor/league/csv/src/functions.php on line 12

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘:’, expecting ‘{’ in /home/smartmailer/public_html/vendor/league/csv/src/functions.php on line 33

Seems like a wrong PHP version is used (< 7.0). Make sure Pimcore uses the correct path to your PHP 7.4 binary. You can assign that in your app/config/parameters.yml file with the variable pimcore_executable_php: /usr/local/custom-php/bin/php.

Hope that helps!