Always @2x Resolution

Me and my team have Product A, and for our backend management we are using Pimcore; for site B in different media queries we are manipulating the thumbnails with pimcore’s funcionality.
However, although I’m getting the right sizes of the images, I am also(on mobile) getting @2x resolution for every thumbnail.

This is the configuration, pretty standard I would say:

Also, some code which is relevant:

<div class="position-relative">
               $overlayImage = \AppBundle\Tool\NewsUtil::getOverlayImage($news);
               echo $overlayImage;


                /** @var \Pimcore\Model\Document\Tag\Image $teaserImage */
                $teaserImage = \AppBundle\Tool\NewsUtil::getTeaserImage($news);
                if ($teaserImage) {
                    echo $teaserImage->getThumbnail("includeNewsCardQuadTeaser")->getHTML(["class" => "media-object card-img-top img-fluid"]);
                } else {
                    echo "<svg class='placeholder card-image-top flex-row img-fluid' width='500' height='281'></svg>";
                } ?>


If someone can help me, much appreciated, I’ve been stuck with it for some days now!

Thanks in advance,


Mobile has Retina Screen - So what is wrong about 2x resolution? I think it is supposed to behave like that?

Thanks for the reply, after debugging pimcore and our other backend scripts and with no effect, it was actually Google Chrome’s Device Pixel Ratio that was causing the problem(it was set at 2.0).

We are actually giving low resolution images on phone screens so they are smaller(for now), at 2x they would actually be as big in kb as the PC version.