Amazon Pay with Pimcore or Coreshop


I’m new here in the forum.
I’m currently try to find the available Paymentprozessor that are available for pimcore and coreshop.

I miss Amazon Pay. Is there are ready solution for AmazonPay?

Thanks for answering.

Regards Marcel


CoreShop uses Payum for Payment Integrations. After a quick google search, it doesn’t seem that there is already a Payum Amazon Pay integration. Allthough, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement it.


Hi Dominik,

that’s a good hint. I will chat with the Payum Team. Maybe there is something planned.

Regards, Marcel

Hi Marcel,

is there any news about AmazonPay Integration für Coreshop since last year?
Anything ready to use, especially for guest orders / fast check out?