Animated images in Pimcore?



Is there a way to use animated GIFs or PNGs with Pimcore? I’ve tried some, but the preview (as well as the generated thumbnails) are totally white or have one of the frames as static image.

A look in the code shows me the isAnimated() function of class Asset\Image. But this function is never called during upload or thumbail creation.

I’ve tried different thumbnail configuration formats (auto/web optimized, gif, original), but had no luck.

Any hints on this?

Thank you!


I think all requirements are met:

Using Pimcore 5.5.3


Hi @Benjamin,

My advise would be, don’t use animated GIF’s/PNG’s. Instead use videos (much better compression) and since you’ve installed FFMPEG, you can convert you existing .gif/.png files to .mp4 (or similar) files.

Good luck!


Hi Aaron,
thanks for your reply.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to replace something simple like a gif with a video. The filesize is much smaller, yes, but the browsers are very restricting with autoplay and the like.

I’ll give it a try. Pimcore has the video thumbnails for transcoding support.

Thank you!



Hi Benjamin,

also Google recommends to use MP4

" Have you ever seen an animated GIF on a service like Imgur or Gfycat and inspected it in DevTools, only to find out that GIF was really a video? There’s a good reason for that. Animated GIFs can be downright huge . It’s not uncommon for GIFs to tip the scales at several megabytes, depending on quality, frame rate, and length. If you’re trying to improve loading performance for your site and help users reduce data usage, animated GIF just isn’t compatible with that goal."


Good article!

Thank you. I’m convinced. :wink: