Apache Configuration


I need to install Pimcore with the “Advanced Demo Package” (E-Commerce, PIM, MDM, DAM, …).

I tried on Windows and Debian, I always block on the setting of Apache.
However, I have access to the home page of Apache, I get the PHP Info page with the different extension enabled and I have my MySQL database configured with the site PhpMyAdmin (On Windows and Debian).
Composer is also installed.

I then followed the steps described on this link to install Pimcore:

Everything works fine, I have no error.
But Apache is not configured for Pimcore automatically, I then tested several Apache settings without it working.

Could you help me ?

Thank you

Here is the type of error I get:

Access denied for user root@localhost

This is not an Apache issue. It’s the database

Hello @hadl,

You were right, to believe that I did not read the error …

Thank you