API: q parameter ignored even if using objectClass

Hey, Can anyone help me with this?

https://[URL]/webservice/rest/object-list?apikey=[API_KEY]&order=DESC&offset=0&orderKey=o_keys&limit=10&objectClass=Product&q={"o_modificationDate" : {"$gt" : "1000"}, "$or": [{"o_id": "3", "o_key": {"$like" :"%lorem-ipsum%"}}]}

I added an “s” to the sort key to see how the query looks and it throws this:

"An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT object_localized_3_en.o_id as o_id, `object_localized_3_en`.`o_type` FROM `object_localized_3_en` WHERE ( object_localized_3_en.o_type IN ('folder','object','variant')) ORDER BY `o_keys` DESC LIMIT 10':\n\nSQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'o_keys' in 'order clause'"

I’ve tried several ways of doing it and it always ignores the query filter.

Pimcore version 5.2.1