Areabrick plus is not working

Hi there I have an template like:

{% extends 'layout.html.twig' %}

{% block content %}
    {{ include('Includes/content-default.html.twig') }}
{% endblock %}

Within content-default.html.twig I have:

<div class="pimcore-default-content-wrapper">
    <div class="pimcore-default-content-wrapper-inner">
        {{ pimcore_areablock('content') }}

This causes Pimcore to create a Plus with bricks to the left side of the screen as well as within the content editing area. Screenshot here:

However when I click a brick in the Plus to the left simply nothing happens (like the click is ignored). Sometimes when I delete the last brick within the content also the content brick is disappearing. This looks like a a bug to me, not sure how to fix it. Or am I doing something wrong?