AssetEvent works but Drag&Drop Upload with more than a file looks diffrent



If I upload a single Asset with drag&drop, it will be saved via AssetEvent to an multihref field. -> That works perfect.
If I upload some Assets like 50 with fileZilla to a Server folder and take then “Assets -> right click -> AddAssets/Import from Server,” it works perfekt, too. All the 50 Assets are right registrated to the Object (multihref).

If I make the same, but now I uploaded the 50 Assets with Drag&Drop or “upload files” to an AssetFolder there are always one or more Assets not saved at the object multihref.

What could that be???
The Assets are at AssetsFolder but some missed at the Object->multihref

I have set some php.ini parameters for the size and the amount!


Okay we have solved this Problem!
The problem is a " race condition" and it was not easy to realize the Objectregistration.