Attribute table / Multiple object bricks of same type


I am creating a configurator for furniture on Pimcore.
I need to make a system that makes it simple for data managers to maintain a dynamic number of named product attributes such as “tabletop = wood/oak” etc. these are used for both reference to find similar types and for the configurable options ie. Fabrics for upholstry.

The attribute names should be predefined for consistency, and the attributes could be multi-href as they should be able to include single materials and/or material groups.

Using object bricks would be close to ideal but you cannot have more than one of the same type.
would this be something that would make sense to suggest as a new feature; multiple object bricks of the same type?

I need to inherit the fields for variations, so field collections does not seem to be an option.

Alternatively it could be made as a table that would accept references.

any suggestions will be appreciated.

Best regards