Automatic CSV export


Is there a system to automatic export CSV file like Import-Definitions?

We need this to transfer our data to different sales platforms.


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there is a pimcore core feature for exports using Grids, never used it though.

I also had the idea for a Export-Definitions Plugin, but I never needed it for a project nor some of my customers did.

maybe this helps you further:



I will try thanks

I tryed to use Pimcore startup_cli.php and it works well except for pricing.

I have two problems, the first one with Pimcore numbers, as no (.) in it so it looks like 102897 instead of 1028.97 that will be a problem for us and the other problem is with Coreshop price. I have an Array (text) not the actual number. I think because Coreshop is using prices as integer and float values.

I have no idea how to convert those two problems.

Any idear?


CoreShop uses integer for prices. So for exporting you need to format them, you can either use the CoreShop formatting service, which gives you the number including the currency number (€ 100,12) or you use following snippet to do that:

doubleval(sprintf('%0.2f', $priceValue / 100))

Regarding the store price:

Since CoreShop is a multi-store able ecommerce solution with multiple currencies, the store price is actually kinda the base price for a store in a given currency. So using the getter like you do, gives you an key-value array of prices per store:

$prices = [
   1 => 10000,
   2 => 10900

Where the key is the storeId and the value the price as integer. If you wan’t a price for a specific store (for example the default store (ID: 1)), you can use:

$defaultStore = $this->storeRepository->findStandard();

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Hi thanks for you help

I have format the numbers and works well but I cannot display the price for the specific store default store (ID: 1).


I don’t understand what you mean by “I cannot display the price for the specific store”.

BTW: I tried to catch you on gitter, but it doesn’t seem your active there. I guess we can discuss CoreShop related issues there