AWS S3 for assets in Pimcore 5

We are using AWS S3 for our image assets in Pimcore 4 as described here:

We are moving some sites to a new Pimcore 5 installation. Can we use the same AWS S3 configuration in Pimcore 5? I notice the Pimcore 5 documentation doesn’t mention it, which leads me to believe this feature isn’t available yet?

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There was a big discussion the other day on a PR:

As far as I know: It should work but its not documented.

Ok thanks. We will try using the same setup we had in version 4 then.

I was able to get it working in our environment. The setup did change quite a bit from the Pimcore 4 documenation. I created pull request with updated documentation for Pimcore 5:


Thank you.

I tried this with Pimcore 6.1 and there are errors. Seems like Asset.php changed quite a bit in after Pimcore 5. I reported my findings here: