Best Practice : Classification Systems Modeling using Classification Store

Hi there!

We are about writing an importer for ETIM6 and other Classification Systems- We took a deeper look at the class models und the Pimcore Classification Store, but we are still not sure how the structure should look like.

Is there anyone with some experience with ETIM, eClass etc and Pimcore Classification Store? Perhaps got some ideas, links, docs, tutorials etc? :slight_smile:

Thx a lot in advance… Jochen :slight_smile:

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Hi Jochen,

that sounds interesting and I think we can help.

Let’s talk about your issue. Did u get my contact details from christian?

Feel free to contact me.

Best regards

Hi Fabian!

Yes Christian told us about that option. We made some first try on classification store import. WOuld be a good thing to see what you did, what we did etc :slight_smile:

We gonna contact you soon to have a look at it :slight_smile:

Thx in advance… Jochen

Hi Fabian, would be interesting to know more about your experience on that. How can we get in contact? Cheers Chris