Blocks and variants


When changing a variant of the block, it appears that it flags the whole block as changed from the parent versus just one instance in the block or one value within an instance. Is that correct?

If so, how would I do something like this:
I have a product that has components. Each component has a color, which is also an object.

  • Product (class)
    • Component 1 (class)
      • Metadata 1 (input)
      • Metadata 2 (input)
      • Color (class)
    • Component 2 (class)
      • Metadata 1 (input)
      • Metadata 2 (input)
      • Color (class)

If I create a variant of the product and make any change within the block of components or to any of the components within the block, it then sets the whole block as no longer inheriting from the parent product.

I could use Objects with Metadata and have Metadata 1 and Metadata 2 as added columns, but that doesn’t help with the Color object?


yes that is correct. Blocks can only be inherited as a whole and don’t support field or entry specific overwriting.
Same would apply for objects with metadata … also there the whole list would be inherited or overwritten.

So right now in your data model structure there is no way (at least that I know of) to overwrite only one components data.