Bootstrap::startupCli(); fails at initializeContainer()

Hello community,

I have a problem creating a Symfony Command to import products into my pimcore. In my command i use Bootstrap::startupCli(); to set up the pimcore stuff, but doing this stops my script without any error or something. I debugged until i came to HttpKernel/Kernel.php which has a function initializeContainer(), in this function the call $this->container->set(‘kernel’, $this); stops everything.

I am using the latest pimcore version ( 6.3.6 ) with PHP 7.3.12.

Thanks for any advice.


The solution was to create the Symfony Command for PimCore. I created the Command in TYPO3 ( where the source file is managed ) and tried to Bootstrap PimCore from there. I seems like both systems use different Symfony versions and so PimCore gets bootstrapped with the version of TYPO3 which led to the problem.