Cace buster URLs return 404


I have tried installing the demo of Pimcore 4 and 5 and both had the same issue - the cache buster’s URL were returning 404 but all other URLs were working correctly (static files and pimcore routes).
One example URL with 404 is this: /cache-buster-1529940980/website/static/lib/magnific/magnific.css
What may be the reason? It is a new VPS server which uses cPanel and WHM. The support told that the web server is nginx 1.15.5 which uses reverse proxy to HTTPd 2.4 and the httpd executes PHP scripts trough PHP-FPM server.

EDIT: This renders the frontend broken. The backend is completely functioning.


Did you configure nginx right? Like the docs say?


Should I change something to the NGINX config when it is reverse proxy to Apache which means when no static file is found to be server by NGINX than the Apache server will handle the request, and then the provided htaccess kicks in which should handle the cache-buster URL?


Good point. I use cpanel as well, but without nginx, cause I don’t see the point of using 2 Webservers.


Nginx is more efficient however a lot of apps are developed only with apache in mind and still do no provide support for nginx , thus we see this setups in hosting providers. I guess in future HTTPd will be dropped in favor of NGINX.

Heeeelp :smiley:


Can you maybe try without the nginx proxy once? just to figure if nginx or Apache is the issue