Calculated Field with User Override Ability

I have external data on another system. The external values cannot be edited the end user (read only). However sometimes there are errors in the external data that require a field’s value to be overridden before publishing. The external data is not stored in the Pimcore.

What i would like to do is to create a calculated field that shows the external value, but have a user interface like pimcore “inheritance”, where the user can click on the ‘green’ button, which unlocks the field and allows it to have it’s own value.

Has anyone done something like this? What was your approach? I’m thinking of moving product maintenance out of the pimcore admin but that doesn’t seem very efficient.

Calculated field can not be used here as it is not editable in back-end.
We can use input field which will be non editable by default and in child object (Inherited object) we can allow edit that field using custom layouts.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I ended up just having a second tab with corresponding editable fields. Then in my calculated field, I use the editable text if it exists.