Can i hide and show a field on change in another selection field?

I have 2 field in class, one field is attributes selection and one is dynamic field,

  1. if selection field select attribute_a then datatype changed in second field as text type,
  2. if selection field select attribute_b then datatype changed in second field as select type

can this be possible?

Do you already have a solution to your problem? We are asking ourselves the same question right now.

Hi, I hope this helps you a bit to find a solution :
Basically this builds the form in a more dynamic way. This might work in case it is a frontend issue. If it is in the backend please let me know and give a litte more information about the issue

Another way that might lead to a solution is good old plain javascript :slight_smile:

You need to create custom js plugin to extend pimcore admin functionality.
This is reference:

where you can hide and show field based on event change of any field using ext js