Can I install Pimcore on Plesk ( Centos )?


Hi everyone!
I am an absolute beginner when it comes to Pimcore.

I’d like to install Pimcore for testing… but I’ve never used composer before :thinking:

I’ve used many CMS before Wordpress, Modx, Joomla ( :nauseated_face: )… and everytime I had a zip file to decompress on my server and create an sql and so on.

Can I do that with Pimcore ? Cause right know, the only thing I have is the Github repository.
Has anyone tried to install Pimcore on Plesk ?

Thank you!



Yep, it’s quite similar to other server setups.
Just create the virtual host (add new domain) in plesk and make sure that your server meets all the requirements for running pimcore. I’ve set up a deployment with deployer which takes care of putting all my code to the right place.



A customer of mine deploys Pimcore just to plesk, we create a symlink from https (I think thats the web root name on plesk) to web to be symfony conform, we also use deployer there with these little recipe here: