Can I Reach My Goals With PimCore?


Hi all,

Before I go any further with PimCore I thought I would ask the professionals here if my future planned use with PimCore is even possible.

I’m an affiliate of many major brands and retailers. These brands and retailers provide me web service and data feeds of their products from 10 different networks. Consuming these products is very broad and spread out. The feeds have no standard formatting and are very messy to say at best.

With that said I am hoping to be able to do the following using PimCore and would like to know if the professionals here think my idea is at all possible especially for a beginner.

  1. Import product feeds from web service API?

  2. Import these products to the PimCore database and assign custom descriptions, specifications, PDF’s, images, SKU’s, UPC’s and attributes.

  3. Assign each product an external URL to the merchants website to buy the product.

  4. Assign products to specific stores and brands

  5. If a product is no longer present in a web service feed or feed file it would change the product status in PimCore to “Out Of Stock” or if the product is present in the feed but has <availability_field>No or False</availability_field> it would also set the status of the product in PimCore to “Out Of Stock”.

  6. Each product in the feeds would have to be matched or mapped against a product ID or similar to pair the PimCore Product to the product in the feed.

  7. Ability to update product price information from the web service feed or feed file using a product ID or similar to match against.

Does this sound at all possible using PimCore or should I be looking for a different application to work with?


Yes, possible :wink: quite easy actually as we’ll. Just write your own importer or use ImportDefinitions plugin for that.


Thank You. I will have to take some time to learn my way around the PimCore code.