Can't change the order of objects in the folder


Hi. Does anybody know why change the order of any object in tree of any current folder inside? When I try to do it I’ve got the error “The element cannot be moved here”. So I can’t move it up or down the element, but I can put into parent or move to another folder.


There are to possible ways of sorting objects in the tree:

  • Alphabetically (default)
  • Manual order

When using alphabetically you can’t change the order of objects (that’s what happening in your case). So in order to have a custom ordering you’d have to make the following change on the desired folder:

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Wow, great. Thank’s. I didn’t know about this feature.



I am using Pimcore 5.

By default the order of folders and objects are following Alphabetically. Now I am changing the order of the objects by drag and drop inside a folder and its visible that the order has been changed but when I am refreshing the objects or page the order of the objects is displayed as earlier ones (before I drag and dropped).

Hence I have searched to change the order by setting it to Index (Ordered By Manually) inside Sort Children By feature but I can’t find the Sort Children By feature below Advanced.

@brusch - How to enable the feature ?


@gistol - did u find this feature anywhere in Pimcore ?


Sort Children By feature is only available in Data Objects tree.


Thanks for reply.

Yes it should be but its not visible in my Data Objects tree.

Is there a way to enable it ?


Try to update pimcore.


I am using Pimcore 5.2.1 version


yes, update to the latest version. This feature became available in 5.3 or 5.4 or so


Can anyone suggest me the way to implement or a method I can use or modify in my current version instead of updating it.


@amulyagorry Seems like it got introduced in Pimcore 5.2.2, see
I’d suggest you to update to that version.