Change delimiter in default number datacomponent


We want to use Pimcore as PIM for some of our Woocommerce shops, we don’t use the Pimcore website.

In our country we use , as delimiter instead of .
I don’t see a way to change this in the default number datacomponent. There is also no global option to change this.

Where can I configure this?

AFAIK it is based on the locale you are using.

But where can I change this? I can only find formatting service in the documentation:

But I don’t think this is helping me. For example you can’t fill in a number with a , in the field.


Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Hbitvof,

If you want to use it for the entire project, just write the below code into the initialize function in any js file.
e.g. startup.js file
initialize: function () {
Ext.form.NumberField.prototype.decimalSeparator = ‘,’;


hope this will help you.