Changed database

Hi All,

currently my Pimcore application is using mysql database. i want to change from mysql to Maria db. so what is the procedure to change the Database and which file i need to be modified.

please suggest me.

Generally its `/app/config/local/database.yml’ but we can add the database configuration directly to our project’s config.yml or any other loaded config file.

                user: username
                password: password
                dbname: dbname
                host: host
                port: 3306

this file contains
dbal: { connections: { default: { host: localhost, port: ‘3306’, user: UN, password: pwd, dbname: bitnami_pimcore } } }

this is running mysql now .

what i will change now.

If your system has both maria db and mysql installed i think you need to change the port accordingly.Change the port on which maria db is running.

i am not able to create a new customer using API.
please suggest me how can i create new customer and which file is modified for creating a new customer.