Ckeditor - Clipboard plugin missing on Pimcore 6.2.x, 6.3.x

When i updated Pimcore to 6.2.1 så CKEDITOR.plugins.clipboard was missing and because of that
PasteText and PasteFromWord are not available in the wysiwyg(ckeditor).

This is my custom ckeditor.js file:

CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) {
config.allowedContent = true;
config.format_tags = 'p;h2;h3;h4';
config.toolbar = [
    { name: 'clipboard', items: [ 'PasteText', 'PasteFromWord', '-', 'Undo', 'Redo' ] },
    { name: 'links', items: [ 'Link', 'Unlink' ] },
    { name: 'insert', items: [ 'Image', 'Table', 'HorizontalRule', 'SpecialChar' ] },
    { name: 'document', items: [ 'Sourcedialog' ] },
    { name: 'basicstyles', items: [ 'Bold', 'Italic', '-', 'RemoveFormat' ] },
    { name: 'colors', items : [ 'BGColor' ] },
    { name: 'paragraph', items: [ 'NumberedList', 'BulletedList', '-', 'Blockquote' ] },
    { name: 'styles', items: [ 'Format' ] }


How do I fix this problem?

M. Ali

I downloaded Ckeditor 4(full 14.13.0) from
and replaced it with the Ckeditor-Pimcore-6.2.1 in


and the problem was fixed for me.

So it seems to be problems with the current Ckeditor version in Pimcore 6.2.1.

I hope it’s going to be fixed with next release!

Updated to Pimcore 6.2.3 and still same problem. :frowning:

Is there a way to fully replace the ckeditor? I mean, your replacement will be overwritten, everytime you make an Pimcore update, isn’t it?

Yes, you are right!
There are certainly some solutions, but I would like Pimcore to solve this so that we do not need to have our custom solutions for Pimcore core, and avoid problems every time we update Pimcore as you said.

Updated to Pimcore 6.3.3 and still same problem. :frowning:

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Updated to Pimcore 6.3.6 and still same problem.

Updated to Pimcore 6.4.2 and still same problem. :thinking:

Thank you! :smiley::+1:
Waiting for Pimcore 6.4.3 :v:

Updated to Pimcore 6.5.1 and still same problem. :woozy_face:

Updated to Pimcore 6.5.2 and still same problem. :exploding_head:

Updated to Pimcore 6.6.0, same problem !!!???

Updated to Pimcore 6.6.2, same problem :no_mouth: