Class definition Problem with Update from 4.6.3



I’ve updated about 15-20 Pimcore Installations by now but never ran into this problem. This comes up in backend and when i try to run the migrations…

In definition_Customer.php line 482:
Attempted to load class "Objects" from namespace "Pimcore\Model\Object\ClassDefinition\Data".

The Objects class is only in the migrations_backup folder…

I guess that definition doesn’t exist anymore, but how to replace it w/o loosing data? I got plenty of them.

Best greetings from bavaria,



Well I found a fix. As far as I see there is a alias mapped for “Pimcore\Model\DataObject\ClassDefinition\Data\Objects” but not for “Pimcore\Model\Object\ClassDefinition\Data\Objects”

I just replaced that strings in the definition files.