Classification Store not visible/derived in variants


i am experiencing a strange behaviour about a behaviour/problem/bug concerning a “classification store”. i use this wonderful construction to describe “nutrition facts” for food-products in a shop application currently in development.
the products are structured in a way that there are variants under a main/real product object. the “nutrition facts”-part has been input via a classifcation store into the main product (e.g. “60ml”) and is visible (!) in the admin backend in all variants (“4ml”, …).

but: neither in the view nor in the object class the data is visible for variants. while the master object shows the classification store data, it´s simple not available to the variants.

am i doing something wrong or is this a bug?

thanks in advance,

PS: okay, there seems to be more; i can´t remove stores and ->getItems() is showing values, but also only “default” with no hint to the key etc. I am lost :frowning: