CMF installation in pimcore

we are trying to install CMF inside the Pimcore application .
we followed the required steps which was given in github page (the link is given below).

After that we are importing customer.json file inside the customer table.
we modified the service.yml and config.yml file present inside the below path. as per the following steps.
D:\New folder\pimcore-6.1.2-0\apps\pimcore\htdocs\vendor\pimcore\customer-management-framework-bundle\src\Resources\config\pimcore\config.yml.


But we facing some difficulties to run this service.

  • we are missing duplicate customer duplicates from the customer navigater.

*The duplicate customer view is not coming.

  • we found the different language while click on Gender drop down field inside the customer form.

  • facing difficulties on finding the correct service.yml and config.yml file and their corresponding directory structure .

Could you please guide us what steps we fallows .

This will help you…

Also updating composer will undo all your changes in vendor folder.Please make all the necessary changes in config.yml and services.yml in your AppBundle or any other custom bundle.