Composer update to Pimcore 5.7.3

Hello I’ve tried to run composer update to upgrade a website from v4 to v5,
Everything is ok but when composer regenerate autoload files i have this error :

  • Installing pimcore/pimcore (v5.7.3): Loading from cache
    Skipped installation of bin bin/pimcore-install for package pimcore/pimcore: name conflicts with an existing file
    Generating optimized autoload files
    File at “/www/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle\FrameworkBundle\R
    esources\views\Form\button_label.html.php” is not readable, check its permissions

I’ve checked the file button_label.html.php exist, the only thing is that this file has 0 ko .
I ran the composer update from windows in local;

Do you have any idea to finish the update ?

Thank you very much,

Issue resolved :
My folders was too long,
and this file with all parent directory had 200Char.
So i moved to a smaller path and it’s ok.