Content Elements (Bricks in Data Objects)


Hi everybody,

is there a way to enable all the Content Elements when creating a Data Object? Not only the wysiwyg and input available.

I would like to create a Portfolio Item which is very variable when it comes to creating content. Multiple Images. Image Sliders, Text Blocks etc.

Thanks for your help


Data Objects and Documents are by definition two completely different data elements and have different data models in the background. The idea behind Data Object is to store the content output channel independent - so it can be used in multiple ways. With Documents, the Content is always bound to a template and as a result not output channel independent.
Therefore you cannot use the Document Content Elements in Data Objects.

But you have two options that you can use:

  • Use Field Collections to ‘simulate’ the behavior of the content elements. You can create a field collection definition for each content element you wanna use (gallery, text boxes, …) and then add the field collections in any order to the Data Object as you need it. In this case you have stored the data output channel independent.
  • Create a Document Snippet and so build the the content with a Document, and then use a href field in the Data Object to link the snippet. So you have full flexibility of Document content elements but you are not output channel independent anymore.



Hi Christian,

thanks for your quick response.

I couldn’t figure out how to render the field collection with a template?

But i tried the second way you mentioned and it works. I used a link field and then rendered the Document with the pimcore_inc function in the template of the object. The Href field returned null so i used a link field and used portfolio.getLink().internal for the pimcore_inc function
Probably there is a better way buuut hey it works :slight_smile:

thanks for your help