Contents of Pimcore academy

I’m trying to dive into Pimcore and stumbled over the academy page at

The contents of the academy are described as

“Learn at your own pace in 20 courses, 70 chapters, 8 hours of videos, and 100 exam questions. The courses include code samples, tutorials, and links to further information.”

Are those the only contents of the academy area? I just wonder if the academy is only focused towards certification or if there are example/best practices or even complete tutorials on certain aspects of the system.

Hoping for some clarification.

Hello woemar, yes, tutorials on certain aspects of the system are included. If you fill the form on the page we can send you the full, detailed agenda =)

Thank you, I used the conmact form to request more detailed information.

Maybe this is an opportunity to add the detailed agenda to the website :wink: