CoreShop 2.1.0 - RC.1

Dear Pimcore Community,

after almost a year of development, with 105 PR, and 1125 commits, we finally are ready to present you CoreShop 2.1.0 - RC.1.

I want to give a big thank you to @solverat :heart:, for the endless discussions we had, and for his amazing features he delivered for free to all of us:

  • Product Quantity Price Rules
  • Product Sales Units
  • Product Unit Precisions

The most noteworthy new CoreShop 2.1.0 features are:

  • Theme Bundle: Now makes it even more easier having a multi-site Pimcore Installation with multiple themes built in. Also, now its possible to declare the Theme via Document Properties
  • Menu Bundle: Easier then ever to create custom Pimcore Backend Menus
  • Product Quantity Rules: Basically Tier Prices, allow Customers to get cheaper prices if they buy more
  • Product Units: Sell the same product in different units: kg, palette, carton, etc.
  • Product Unit Precisions: Sell the same product in eg 1.5 KG or 1.2567 KG
  • Minimum Order Quantity: Product has to be sold in a quantity of at least 5
  • Data Hub Integration: CoreShop now integrates with its custom Core Extensions into the Data Hub Extension from Pimcore
  • Full Autoloading and Autowiring Support of Symfony
  • Surcharges: Now it’s possible to charge the customer a minimum order fee
  • Store Preview for Products: See how your product looks like in different stores within the Pimcore Backend

And on top of that: It is super easy to update from 2.0.* since it is backward compatible, simply run:

composer require coreshop/core-shop:^2.1

# and run migrations

bin/console coreshop:migrate

New Featuers

Product Quantity Price Rules

Define Tier Prices for Products:

Product Units

Sell the same product in different units, eg: Piece, Palette, Carton, or kg, tons etc. Also in different Precessions, so you can allow KG to be sold in link 1,52 kg, but a Carton is sold only in full integers. CoreShop calculates between units for you.


Minimum Order Quantity

Set a product minimum order quantity, CoreShop doesn’t allow the product to be added to cart in lower quantities.



Apply surcharges to the cart for eg. minimum amount of order or something.


Backend Cart Management

  • View Carts
  • Edit Carts
  • Create Carts

Store Preview in Pimcore Backend

View your product how it looks in different stores:

New Bundles

Theme Bundle

It is now easier than ever to create multi-sites and themed-websites with Pimcore, simply install coreshop/theme-bundle. It comes with 2 default resolvers:

  • PimcoreSiteThemeResolver
  • PimcoreDocumentPropertyResolver

you have to enable them with a configuration if you want to use them:

        pimcore_site: true
        pimcore_document_property: true

Site Resolver

If you enable the Site resolver, it uses the Sites Document Key to define the Theme Name

Document Property Resolver

If you enable the Property resolver, it uses a Document Property called “theme” to determine the Theme Name.

Working with Themes

The coreshop/theme-bundle uses liip/theme-bundle, basically it just searches in a specific theme-folder for requested twig template files, the folder is app/Resources/themes/{THEME_NAME}\

Menu Bundle

Helps you create Pimcore Menus like the CoreShop Menu. To see how it works, checkout the CoreShop Core Menu:

Hope you guys like it, if you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:



@dpfaffenbauer Congratulations on this milestone! Here’s to continuous improvement of the CoreShop!