Coreshop - Multi Warehouse


Currently looking into setting up CoreShop with multiple warehouses / multiple vendors.

As the warehouses are located in different regions of the world, those are handled through different companies. So this should also be kind of multi vendor with there own settings: TAX/VAT, payment gateway, shipping methods, … .

I already had a look into multi store, although this still boils down to one company.


  • Multi Warehouses: Europe & Asia
  • Multi Vendor: European & Asian company
  • Multi Payment Gateway, set per Vendor
    e.g. Stripe for Europe & Asia have different options. Should be different Stripe account according website / company.

The customer should be able to select the warehouse to ship from (if stock available in multiple), payment should be made to the according company for that warehouse.

For convenience of the customer, we would also prefer payment in one time, this for all warehouses / companies.
PayPal and Stripe seem to have some ways to disperse the payment to different companies.
But Strip has different settings for Europe & Asia. We definitely would want to offer the available options in the different region.
Maybe this payment questions is out of the scope, nevertheless it would be highly appreciated if some could shed some light on this.

Looking forward to set up our multi-national store.
We prefer to make use of one PimCore instance.
In case the above would be only possible with separate PimCore instances (multiple domains), would there then be a convenient solution to sync product data between the different instances?

Looking forward to your input!


Regarding Warehouses: There is already a bundle to handle warehouse, it’s not 100% finish though, can you PM me for more information on that?

I guess what you are trying to accomplish is sort of what AliExpress and those sorts of wholesale websites do: You have the same product form different suppliers and thus multiple warehouses. You need to customise some things in order to do that. Like: You need to calculate shippments on cart-level, whereas coreshop currently only does that on order-level. But it should be fairly easy to do that.


Hi @dpfaffenbauer,

regarding the warehouses bundle: I’m also looking for a solution for this. Do you have the unfinished bundle somewhere at github (coudn’t find anything)?

Thank you!


Hi @dpfaffenbauer and @s-matt,

I deal with a need for warehouses in Pimcore at the moment as well. Can you please point me out to some working solution? Even beta is fine. :slight_smile:


Nothing open-source. Not gonna be Open-Source.

I am waiting for Pimcore Marketplace to be released on. Not sure about the price model yet either.