Coreshop settings

I added the Coreshop extension/bundle (complete)
and I work with it.

But in the coreshop settings I cannot change the currency or tax settings like in:

I only see Base/Category/Quote/Order/Invoice/Shipping
but not the other ones

what I have to do

kinds regards,

that screenshot is actually deprecated. You can set Currency in Stores and Tax Settings individually for each Product in the Product itself.

what about currency exchange provider:

  • Automatic Exchange Rates: Describes if exchange rates should be fetched automatically
  • Exchange Rate Provider: Describes which exchange rate provider should be used.


  • Validate VAT: Describes if the VAT-Number for European Countries should be validated
  • Disable VAT for Base Country: Disable VAT-Free Shopping for Customers, with valid Vat-Number, in Base Country
  • Taxation Address: Describes witch address is responsibly for taxa

these I do not see in product

  • Exchange Rates do exist
  • Validate VAT doesn’t anymore, cause there is no official API to check if a VAT is valid
  • Disable VAT for base country also doesn’t exist anymore, but thats something you could implement yourself quite easily
  • Taxation Address: not anymore neither, but you can overwrite that as well

Thanks dpfaffenbauer, you helped me :slight_smile:

In Coreshop you have: CustomerDatabase and ProductDatabase
but in Pimcore also: CustomerDatabase -> manage by Customer Management Framework
and Product Database

in this way you have to manage two databases
can we use in Coreshop the customer and product database of Pimcore?
this make it easier.

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CoreShop gives you a very basic Setup of a Customer Model. If you want to use Pimcore’s Customer Management Framework, you can combine the two.

Also, it is just one Database, you a referring to the Data Model. You can combine any kind of Product or Customer Model to CoreShop as long as your Models implement the CoreShop required interfaces.

I already installed complete coreshop_plugin.
Is there another package that I have install?

could you explain this?
as long as your Models implement the CoreShop required interfaces

Well, if you overwrite/extend CoreShop Models, it might happen that we add a new field to the interface thus breaking your application. If you properly implement the interface or even extend from our Model, you are safe from bc breaks.

dear dpfaffenbauer,

I just installed Coreshop:

  • Install with composer composer require coreshop/core-shop dev-master
  • Run enable Bundle command php bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable CoreShopCoreBundle
  • Run Install Command php bin/console coreshop:install
  • Optional: Install Demo Data php bin/console coreshop:install:demo

all 4 steps done

and in the coreshop-class of CoreShopOrder and CoreShopQuote
i changed customer-relation field to allow object Customer (pimcore) besides CoreShopCustomer
but I still not managed to add a pimcore-customer to a a CoreShopOrder

There is more to that, you also need to change the Parent Class of the Customer to implement CoreShop’s CustomerInterface.

dear dpfaffenbauer,

Could you explain the steps in detail that I have to take to be able to use the pimcore Customer and Product Object in CoreShop

kidn regards,