Create Document and its Element via Webservices


Hi there !

I try to create a page via pimcore rest webservices. Everything is ok, just the wysiwyg (the only element of the page) which is not populated with given data.

Documentation says :

  • Request body : JSON-encoded document data in the same format as returned by get document by id for the data segment but with missing id field or id set to 0

But Wysiwyg stays empty anyway…
Here is the data I sent :

    "action": "article2",
    "elements": [
            "type": "wysiwyg",
            "value": {
                "tessxt": "lorem",
                "namsse": "content"
            "name": "contddent"
    "parentId": 125,
    "type": "page", 

Thank in advance for your support