Create new DataObject or use a folder with Property?

I’m organizing a group of products by line from our ERP system. These lines will then map to a Manufacturer DataObject. From a design/efficiency standpoint, is there an advantage to creating a new DataObject that is the parent of these products, that maps to this Manufacturer DataObject? Or can I just have a folder with a DataObject property that is linked to the Manufacturer? I just need to create a bridge between the 2 elements. It is very common for multiple lines to tie to a single Manufacturer object.

that is the purpose of having relations. So, in that case, you could either add all the products of a manufacturer under the manufacturer object, or just have 2 folders: manufacturer and products.

in both cases, you should use a relation field to link them. pimcore doesn’t care where it sits in the tree anyway, thats just organization for your self.

Sounds good. That’s one of the many nice things about Pimcore. I’ll consider what approach will make the most sense for how we manage data, since it doesn’t make much difference from an efficiency standpoint. Just for clarification, would a Property with an Object type be considered a relation field in this case? Or are you saying to create a true Relation field (Many-to-Many, etc) within the DataObject itself?

A property counts as a dependency, cause it is a relation.

In the parent child case, I would also add a hidden relation field, and with an EventListener, you can set the manufacturer. So you also have the relation inside the Product Entity directly, without having any downside of the parent-child structure.

Makes sense. I’ve done that type of thing elsewhere, so that should be easy enough.