Create object through API


i need your help for creating new object through API.

how to get API key for creation of object.

please guide me.

Enable web service API in the system settings.After that you will get the API key in the user.Option to generate API is given in user settings.

Kindly refer this

i enabled the web service API in
setting-> system setting->web service API.

After that i am click on Google Credentials & API Keys. i found server Api-key and browser Api key.
but still i am getting error while taking that key and get customer details .

i got the error message below.

please guide me with the correct Api key.

API Key is present in user settings.

hi neha,

still i am getting error after taking API key from the users.



For me its working fine.Please make sure that you have saved the user after generating the API key for that user.

now my api is working . i can fetch the data through get method .
but i am trying to create new user through POST method but its automatically take get method only and fetch all the record and showing record in response page.

so can you guide me how to create new user using Api .please suggest me.