Creating Object with Form Elements

Is there a way of building an object with form elements for example if i wanted to created a new car object. Id have a form with car name, colour, etc. All id have to do is fill out the form and on submit the new object would be made. any ideas?


have a look at symfony forms:


It is quite simple. If you have got not working code I can look at it.

Have a look here:

To be clear, the Form inherits from AbstractResourceType, which injects and sets the data_class option:

you than can either instantiate forms using the FormFactory or reuse it inside other forms:

Creation of the form is done here then:

A more simple example is here:

This should give you a head start into forms.


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Thank you @dpfaffenbauer! :slight_smile:

I’m also now trying to use which works with Pimcore 6.3

However documentation is currently limited, see for additional discussion on usage.