CSV Import and line numbers


I don’t understand why the csv importation limits the number of rows only with some files.
I try to re-order the lines but the result is the same, the number of rows imported is always the same.


NB: Pimcore v6.7.0


I did new tests.

My CSV file has 249 lines.

When I try to import it, only the first 35 rows are taken into account.

If I sort a column in ascending order, Pimcore adds 35 new rows (unless a row already exists).

If I sort the same column again in descending order, Pimcore adds 35 new rows again (unless a row already exists).

I don’t understand why this is happening with some tables and not with others …

FYI, this has been happening since I started using version 6.7.0.

Thanks for reading me.

Ok, I found out why …

If I load a table with a given number of rows and delete it afterwards, it looks like that number of rows is “stored” somewhere (table defined in MariaDB).

So if I erase all the rows in Pimcore and try to reload the same table with more rows, this is only possible by row slices matching the previously “stored” number.

Now I just have to figure out how to permanently delete this table created in Pimcore.