CSV Import and line numbers


I don’t understand why the csv importation limits the number of rows only with some files.
I try to re-order the lines but the result is the same, the number of rows imported is always the same.


NB: Pimcore v6.7.0

Can you provide more information for this? I had a similar issue while using a csv file with a mapping designed for another file. This lead to only importing 36 columns instead of the 50 (I had in the newer file version). I exported the configuration into a json file, updated the rows manually and it worked from then on

Since my question, I start learning php. Now, I am able to insert my csv file directly in pimcore.

Nice :slight_smile: I’d recommend to take a look into the csv importer.

If you talk about that : CSV Import, I stopped use it because it takes too long time :wink: