Curated List of Pimcore 5 Bundles/Plugins

Hallo everybody,

I wanted to create a list of available Pimcore 5 Bundles/Plugins. Here are all known Bundles/Plugins with a short description:


You guys should already know it ;), CoreShop is a eCommerce Bundle/Plugin for Pimcore, it adds all kinds of eCommerce Features with rich UI to Pimcore and provides you with a lot of Tools for ecommerce


ImportDefinitions makes importing files into Pimcore Objects very easy. Just create a definition, add your mappings and start the CLI Task -> done. Of course the Plugin provides you with some usefull tools to prepare your data before it gets imported. (Currently only available in a branch, but will be merged and released soon)

Process Manager

Process Manager lets you take care of all your background tasks, like importing files, or re-indexing a CoreShop Index.

Lucene Search

Lucene Search is awesome. It crawls your website and creates an easy searchable index for you. It comes with a lot of handy tools and is one of the must-haves in every Pimcore installation.

Pimcore Toolbox

Pimcore Toolbox helps you kickstart your Pimcore 5 Project and comes with a lot of bricks and tools for every day use.

As Pimcore 5 is, all of this Bundles/Plugins are still under development. Feel free to check them out, but be aware that bugs can occur

I guess thats currently it, if you have another Bundle/Plugin, feel free to add it here :slight_smile:

Cheers :beers: from Wels/Austria


Output Data Config Toolkit

This toolkit provides an user interface to create output formats for objects based on different output channels. So it is possible to define, which attributes of an objects should be printed in a certain output channel.

Web2Print Tools

Adds following additional features to the web2print functionality of Pimcore.

  • Favorite Output Channels
  • Document Editable for Configurable Tables
  • PDFreactor controller tool
  • table of contents creation (awesomizr.js)
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Pimcore Members

Add frontend user authentication, assets and document restriction to pimcore 5.0.

  • create Members in Backend
  • allow Members to register in frontend:
  • reset password
  • profile overview
  • update profile
  • different registration types:
    • confirm by email
    • confirm by admin
    • instand registration
  • confirmation mails
  • restrict documents, Objects and assets to specific user roles
    • protect assets from frontend-call
    • inheritance: set assets restriction to a specific folder and keep inheritance for new added assets automatically
  • works with lucene search

Pimcore i18n Manager

Pimcore already comes with some great features to build internationalized websites. But there are some gaps we have to handle by ourselves: search engine guidelines, geo based redirects and a dynamic link handling for internal documents. This Bundle helps you mastering this challenges and gives you freedom to elaborating complex country based localization strategies.


  • Geo redirects
  • Thanks to the hardlink element you can easily create copies of webpages with additional country information without adding and maintain duplicate content
  • Manage href-lang tags
  • Handle internal link redirects based on hardlink context
  • Domain mapping ( and/or language slug (/en) strategies
  • frontpage mapping for hardlink trees
  • zone configuration for complex websites

Object Index

If you already worked with CoreShop or the eCommerce Framework, you should already be familiar with Indexes and Filters. This Bundle is based on CoreShops IndexBundle and gives you Indexes and Filters without the need of CoreShop or the ecommerce Framework. This Bundle works with all kind of Pimcore Classes, as long as you implement the interface CoreShop\Component\Index\Model\Indexable.

Object Index lets you create a customized Index of your Object Classes. Values within indexes can be prepared for persistence and queried after that.
The Bundle comes with Filters as well, where you can define Frontend Filters of certain types.

Documentation is currently not good at all, but I am working on that.


  • Object Class Indices based on Pimcore Objects
  • Prepare Data (interpret) for the Index
  • Supports multiple persistence types, currently only MySQL implemented
  • Supports localized Indices
  • Nice and clean UI for creating Indices
  • Filters, nice UI to create Filters and select which fields are filterable
  • Comes with backend functionality to query your filter

Pimcore Formbuilder

Pimcore 5.0 FormBuilder is here. Still no release though, but we’re already using it in production - so try it out!

Pimcore Emailizr

  • Create valid email markup with inky and inline styles.
  • Respect editables in pimcore editmode.
  • works smoothly with the FormBuilder Bundle

Pimcore Newsletter Definitions

This Bundle lets you create re-usable Newsletter Query Definitions and it does that using a easy-to-use UI for creating these filters.


Correction of the Link:
ImportDefinitions makes importing files into Pimcore Objects very easy. Just create a definition, add your mappings and start the CLI Task -> done. Of course the Plugin provides you with some usefull tools to prepare your data before it gets imported. (Currently only available in a branch, but will be merged and released soon)

Workflow GUI

The Workflow GUI plugin adds a nice and clean UI for Pimcore’s Workflow Features. It allows you to create and edit existing workflows which makes the head-start into Workflows easiert.


Allows sending notifications to users. They appear as a popup, but inbox is also included. Great for informing about finished imports!

Company Information Management

This bundle extents the back-end with a company information management panel for the end user.
The management simplifies the adjustments of the address, social media links, location (coordinates), opening times and special settings.
To include those data into your view, simply use the ‘company’ document tag and select your desired HTML or JSON-LD template. So you can focus on the real coding.

The bundle is translated into German, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Website Settings Bundle

Often Pimcore Website-Settings are defined but has different value, depending on the system instance is running on and settings type. Additionally if you set up a new (development) environment the settings has set again because you can’t add the data filled settings to your VCS. Is there more than one setting you have to add, it will be a very stupid work it you do it more than one time.

With Pimcore Website Settings Bundle you can define settings you need in every environment an can add them with only one click. If you add some new settings later, you can add them in all environments with same click.