Custom favicon for backend

Hi Guys,
I’ve read the documentation about headlink template helper but it looks like it’s for the frontend application, but what if I’d like to change the favicon for the backend? How should I approach it?

There is a .png file that is used as the resource for the favicon on the admin interface.


If you replace favicon-32x32.png with your own 32x32 png file, and name it the same thing, it will load as the favicon for Pimcore in the backend. But it takes time to change depending on your browser settings.

Thank you for addressing my question. It is the most obvious solution, but it’s not ‘elegant’. With the next application build the favicon file will be overwritten. Whatever code or assets are application specific they should stay within the top directory and no changes should be made to the vendor subdirectory. The first choice here is to use the headlink template helper, but it’s a mystery to me how to use it for the backend part of the code.