Custom layouts via bundle installation

I’ve created a project specific bundle and added a custom layout to /var/classes/customlayouts/*. But as soon as I’ve deployed it to another environment this custom layout is not visible, because the entry in the custom_layouts table will be not created. Even if I do pimcore:deployment:classes-rebuild the custom layout entry in the DB won’t be created.

What is the common way to deploy custom layouts?
Or do I have to loop through all files during the bundle installation (or via migration) and create the entries initially in the DB?

currently this is not covered by classes rebuild.
Right now, you would have to install/import custom layout manually during bundle install. You could use the import action as reference how this could be done.

But, since IDs of custom layout are not auto increment any more we should think about a command similar to classes rebuild for custom layouts. Would be happy about contributions :wink:



I can push this feature next days. As well we should add this feature to the deployment tools to import via CLI

Basically I have developed it already . Just needs a bit polish