Custom metadata

Hi everyone. I would like to be able to set the “custom metadata” on my assets (pdf) by default. I have noticed, instead, that the images have already set title, alt and copyright, even if not valorized. Is there a way to do it? Thanks in advance.

Any updates on this? I think it should be possible to fire up the meta-dialogue with the custom meta instead of the standard meta. When looking at the API there seems to be an option for getting meta-information. But how to do that via config and block title, alt, description in favour of custom elements?

You can create event listener for pimcore.asset.postAdd event and add custom metadata in there manually. More details hrere:

As far as i dove into this topic, it is not possible to add a select as a custom metadata field. Only if it is added via the predefined Metadata
This is due to the function addMetadata on Images, which doesn’t allow a config to be set…
Do you have a workaround for that? I tried to extend the Image Model by adding a function that allows to add a Custom Metadata with a specific config, but the config isn’t processed as select options…