Custom rules for rewriting product prices

Hi, I’m new to PimCore and have a specifiek requirement. I thought, let’s ask some experts here :slight_smile:

We would like to automate price calculation based on attributes and purchase price from our supplier. For example we would like to make a rule for:

Product_group = [doorbells, accesspoints]
Model_year = 2019

With products matching these attributes we would like to do something like:
Price = purchase_price *1,65

We are planning to use PIM (PimCore) for our Magento 2 CE store.

Is there a way to do these kind of things through the admin interface? Or do we need to do custom coding? Could anyone point me in the right direction?


You’ll need custom coding for that…

But: I did that with CoreShop. We have a min-margin Price Rule Action, where it checks the buying price and calculates it by a specific margin. If the sales price is lower, it uses the min-margin price, if the sales-price is higher, it uses the sales-price.