Customer Duplicates tab not found in CMF

i am installing the customer management framework inside the pimcore. according to the github.

i found customer duplicate is missing from cmf.

Could you please guide us what steps we fallows

you need to enable it in configuration and then follow steps described here


please guide us which configuration file i need to modify .
i am modifying the config.yml file present inside the following directory (\vendor\pimcore\customer-management-framework-bundle\src\Resources\config\pimcore)
Then i reload the UI and enter all the relative fields and check . i found the form validation is not working and also customer duplication service is not working .
I am also found that the customer duplicate service view tab is missing from customer navigation menu.
please suggest me which configuration file i need to modify along with folder structure.

You can add the following code in your config file in AppBundle or any other bundle…


# Configuration of customer duplicates services

    # Field or field combinations for hard duplicate check
        - [email]
        - [firstname, lastname]

        enabled: true # the feature will be visible in the backend only if it is enabled
        # Visible fields in the customer duplicates view.
        # Each single group/array is one separate column in the view table.
          - [id]
          - [email]
          - [firstname, lastname]
          - [street]
          - [zip, city]

    # Index used for a global search of customer duplicates.
    # Matching field combinations can be configured here.
    # See "Customer Duplicates Service" docs chapter for more details.
        enableDuplicatesIndex: true
            - lastname:
                  soundex: true
                  metaphone: true
                  similarity: \CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\DataSimilarityMatcher\SimilarText

                  soundex: true
                  metaphone: true
                  similarity: \CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\DataSimilarityMatcher\SimilarText

                  similarity: \CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\DataSimilarityMatcher\Zip

                  soundex: true
                  metaphone: true
                  similarity: \CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\DataSimilarityMatcher\SimilarText

                  soundex: true
                  metaphone: true
                  similarity: \CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\DataSimilarityMatcher\SimilarText

            - email:
                  metaphone: true
                  similarity: \CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\DataSimilarityMatcher\SimilarText
                  similarityThreshold: 90

          street: \CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\DataTransformer\DuplicateIndex\Street
          firstname: \CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\DataTransformer\DuplicateIndex\Simplify
          city: \CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\DataTransformer\DuplicateIndex\Simplify
          lastname: \CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\DataTransformer\DuplicateIndex\Simplify

Also this is also configured on pimcore advanced demo setup.

You can go to and check the following files for further details (through file explorer):

I have the following error :

Argument 1 passed to CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\Newsletter\Queue\DefaultNewsletterQueue::enqueueCustomer() must be an instance of CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\Model\NewsletterAwareCustomerInterface, instance of Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Customer given, called in D:\Bitnami\pimcore-6.1.2-0\apps\pimcore\htdocs\vendor\pimcore\customer-management-framework-bundle\src\CustomerSaveManager\DefaultCustomerSaveManager.php on line 268.

HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.
this error i got while i am clicking new customer button from customer management framework.

please guide us.

You might have enabled newsletter support in the configuration

        newsletterSyncEnabled: true 
        # Immediate execution of customer data export on customer save. 
        newsletterQueueImmediateAsyncExecutionEnabled: true

Either disable the newsletter or follow steps to configure newsletter

please guide us the below queries.
1- how will the record appear in customer duplicate view.
2- what is meant by save and publish button .

I am changing the configuration file as per your instruction. and also checked the UI .
I found the validation error message of empty field validation and customer name, email duplication validation .
but i couldn’t find any duplicate customer record inside the customer duplicates view page .Could you please guide us what steps we fallows.