Customer-management-framework - mariadb vs mysql

We have a mysql setup (and are considering using AWS’s Aurora for availability across multiple Availability Zones). However, reading the documentation it says MariaDB is required.
Is the CMF completely not usable with mysql OR are there only certain parts not available?


Please note that Customer Management Framework requires MariaDB as database. It will not work with default MySQL. MariaDB is used to save activities with the MariaDB Dynamic Columns feature:

there is already an alternative activity store available to support mysql.

To do so, just overwrite the default activity store as follows:

    # overwrite activity store to mysql
        class: CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\ActivityStore\MySQL


I’ve done above in services.yml
I haven’t used activities yet but will keep testing.
Appreciate your help Christian.

Sorry for the bump, but the documentation still says it won’t work with MySQL. Will there be other MariaDB only features in the future? I mean, I can of course implement the fix you provided here, but if you guys want to continue in the MariaDB direction, I’d rather not. If you are going to keep supporting MySQL, should we maybe change the documentation a bit?