Customer Management Framework: segment assignement

I have a pimcore 5.8.4 with running CMF and Members bundle. Crontabs from CMF configuration documentation are running and now I would like to get the Assignement Segment Feature running which is described here:

I set the page document type to true in my cmf configuration (which is also correctly loaded in debug:config) and created a new page “assign segment x” page where I selected my “segment x” in the “segment tagging” tab in admin backend. Afterwards I logged in in frontend as customer user and visited the page “assign segment x”, but no segment is added to the customer user.

What could be the cause? Did I miss something?

I also checked “bin/console debug:event-dispatcher” where I found also the ElementSegmentsListener listed which is responsible for adding the segment to the customer right?

In my dev.log file, I noticed a row “cmf.NOTICE: Building segments for 0 / 0 customers in total, currently at page 0 / 0 out of 0 total pages [] []” Why there are only 0 total pages?

I would be very glad for a hint what I missed or could check to get the assignement of segments to customer by page visit working

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segments are not assigned automatically directly to the customer object.

They are just assigned to a storage in the personalization cookie of the user. Thats, because also not logged in users can visit tagged pages, and there the information would be lost.
You can find the assigned segments in the targeting debug console:

Having these assignments, you need to decide what to do with that information, e.g. making sure that they are assigned to customer data objects when user is logged it. For that have a look at this use case in the docs.